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Nostalgia Gas

      1. Body types must be pre-1968. 

  1. Cars must have full fenders, no open wheel cars and non-era wings will be permitted.
    3. Hood tops are required, sides may be open and scoops must be era representative.  
  2. NO ‘pony cars’ such as a Camaro,Mustang, Firebird, etc. will be accepted. All cars must have an appearance that is consistent with the spirit of a ‘Gasser’. Cars that do not meet ‘Gasser’ requirements will be moved to HOT ROD classes or Competition Gas.
  3. Stance.  Vehicle must have a “nose high” stance as measured by the centerline of the front spindle must be even with or below the lowest part of the front of the vehicle, IE running board, fender etc.

      1. Only gas and alcohol are allowed as fuel. 

  1. Maximum engine setback allowed is 10%. 
  2. Superchargers are limited to 6-71 or 8-71 roots-type only. 
  3. Any steel or aluminum heads are allowed. 5. Any ignition system is allowed. 6. Any intake and carb combination or mechanical fuel injection allowed. 
  4. No electronic fuel injection will be allowed. 
  5. Rev limiters are allowed only to protect the engine. They cannot be used to control the car’s launch. 
  6. No delay boxes or throttles stops are allowed. Must be completely removed from car. 
  7. Trans brakes and/or line locks are OK. 2-step not allowed. 

Look for these guidelines to be updated next year.

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