Welcome to the New Gasser Madness!

We lost our friend Byron Stack in 2012, but his work — Gasser Madness — lives on. The site files took quite a beating during a computer crash at the Draglist offices, but we have found most of them and are going to try to recreate the rest. Bear with us as we try to patch this beast back together to make the next round. Thanks to all of Byron’s friends for the encouragement and thanks to Byron’s family for asking us to bring the site back. Once we get ‘er up and stabilized, we will begin looking for contributions for new material. I know there still are a lot of broken links… we will get ’em fixed if we can. Thanks again and RIP Byron… ‘we got this’ on your behalf and it won’t be fading away…

— Bill Pratt


My name is Don Moyer and I am the new webmaster for Gasser Madness.  Bill contacted me a while back about taking over and continuing Gasser Madness.  Gassermadness.com, the original domain is now back up and running!  It took a lot of dedication and hours to make this happen.  The new website is under construction and has a long way to go for our vision, but there is new content here!  If you are feeling nostalgic, Byron’s work is available by clicking the link below! If you need a refresher on what a Gasser actually is, Byron’s work is top notch, a must read if you will.  Check it out for yourself!  If you have original material, we would love to display it here and document it on the home for Gassers!

Don Moyer


See Byron’s old site here.   Everything you need to know about Gassers!

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