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Travel Circuit AA/GS

Travel Circuit AA/GS Division

MISSION:  To entertain fans by providing nostalgic drag racing similar to that of 1968-69 while keeping it simple and competitive for all participants involved.

THE INTENT: THAT ALL CARS IN COMPETITION FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES AND RESEMBLE THE OUTWARD APPEARANCE OF THE AA/GAS CARS THAT RAN UP TO THE LATE 1960’S, SIMILAR TO THE NHRA RULES OF THAT ERA.  Gasser Madness/ Gasser Magazine will distribute these guidelines to assist in presenting structure for an event similar to events from the late 1960’s..  These guidelines in no way instruct a person on how to build a car.  If a participant’s vehicle does not conform to these guidelines, it will be classified in another division.  Any current NHRA/IHRA safety rule supersedes anything that is presented herein.  Questions and guideline clarification should be directed to Gasser Madness.  (

PROGRAM:  Based on open registration.  Car count will dictate format based on an 8 car qualifying field. This is a heads up division with an index sub class when more than 8 cars are entered.  The fastest half of the field will run 1/8 mile heads up elimination, while the slower half will run a 1/8 mile index of 5:60.  A point system will be in place for each event to ensure fairness for all participants. 

BODY: Open to all production style cars no later than 1942 (fiberglass bodies of factory dimensions permitted). The following are permitted body exceptions; 1948-1951 Anglia, Prefect and Thames (no Utes). 1948-1952 Austin A-40 Sedans and Pick Ups. 1951-1954 Henry-J and All State. Street roadsters NOT permitted.  ALL CARS MUST LOOK PERIOD CORRECT COMPARED TO ACTUAL CARS OF THE DAY. Wings (unless originally so equipped in 1968-69) or stretched bodies NOT permitted.  All cars must have period correct appearing lettering, paint or primer. Wild graphics NOT permitted. Running boards NOT permitted unless correct for period of build or include factory bumpers front and rear.

CHASSIS: Must have both a working front straight axle and rear suspension.  Suspension must be period correct and have individual adjustment holes, no slider adjusters. Factory frame rails or 2” x 3” rectangular tubing.  Maximum engine set back 10%. Minimum allowable weight to be no less than 2500 lbs including driver. Wheelie bars may be no longer than 45″.  All vehicles must have a minimum of 7” of ground clearance body and frame.

TIRES: No wider than 13” at race pressure. Minimum rollout of 98” and maximum rollout of 105”.

WHEELS: Minimum wheel diameter 15”. Maximum wheel diameter 16”. Maximum wheel width 12”. Wheels such as Halibrand, American Racing, Cragar, Ansen, steel or any other that closely resembles wheels of the 1960’s era.

ENGINE: Cast Iron blocks ONLY. Cast iron and cast aluminum heads similar to factory dimensions and appearance ONLY.   Intake manifolds must be cast aluminum or magnesium blower specific manifolds ONLY.  Manifolds must have been or are commercially available to the public. 500 cubic inch maximum engine size. (unless weight to cubic inch ratio is greater than 5lbs per cid. Not including driver.) No modern production engines permitted. (GM LS, Ford modular, Mopar modern Hemi)  Engine components and engine bay should resemble that of a race car from the late 1960’s.

BLOWER: Roots style 6-71 with 15″ cast rotors only, strips OK. Stock style end plates only. Hi-helix rotors NOT permitted. Compressible/conformable coatings such as DB L-908 or any other coating that conceals rotor composition not permitted.  Rotors must be visible in as cast form to verify compliance.  Hard Anodizing case and rotors permitted.  Retrofit adaptor plates NOT permitted.   OVERDRIVE limited to maximum of 20.0%.  

INJECTOR: 1960’s style Hilborn, Enderle Bug Catchers, Enderle Barn Door circa 1957-1964 ONLY. Crower 8-port 1967 vintage and up with 2-7/16″ plates ONLY or Ron’s reproduction with 2-1/4″ plates, Vintage Scott Slot injector. Carbon Fiber Injectors NOT permitted. Forward or offset injectors NOT permitted. Port nozzle injectors NOT permitted. 

CARBURETORS: Any 1960′s period correct carburetors allowed. Two 4 barrel maximum. Stromberg maximum of 8 are permitted.

FUEL PUMP: One Hilborn 150-1 or Enderle 80-A-1. Camshaft OR Belt driven at cam speed. 

FUEL: Gasoline or Alcohol. Oxygenated fuel not permitted.  Nitromethane NOT permitted. 

IGNITION: Magneto or MSD box and distributor only. One Vertex or Mallory Super Mag II with external coil.  Timing management systems NOT permitted.  No crank trigger engine ignition, but can be used for engine protection only. 

ELECTRONICS: Any electronic devices other than rpm tachometer, gauges and high end rpm limiter NOT permitted. All efforts must be made to disguise electronics.  Digital/LED instrumentation is not permitted.

TRANSMISSION: Automatic transmission with converter. Must be manually shifted. Clutches NOT permitted. Trans devices NOT permitted. If so equipped- must be DISABLED to technical committee’s satisfaction. Torque converters must be steel weld together, original equipment type only. Bolt together and/or aluminum converters NOT permitted. Lock-up torque converters NOT permitted.

SAFETY: All cars must pass NHRA / IHRA safety tech. Drivers NHRA or IHRA license must be current and up to date.

PROTEST PROCEDURE:  Contestant protest must be filed with race director prior to class run off.  Protest must be made at least 3 hrs before call to the lanes.  Protests on engine displacement or equipment must be submitted in writing and accompanied with a protest fee.  Protest fee will be forfeited to the car owner if the protested car is found legal for its class competition.   If found to be non-compliant,  the illegal entry will be subject to such action such as the race director’s wish to impose, including suspension and or revocation of competition privileges.

COMPETITION DOMINATION:  in the event that a competitor wins 2 races in a row, for the sake of completion and showmanship, the competitor will be required to reduce blower overdrive 5% and add 50lbs for the next 2 races.  After that period weight OR blower drive can be returned to original setting.  

POINT SYSTEM:  10 point for turning in a tech card. 10 point for successfully teching in an eligible vehicle. 10 point is awarded for each round won. Each race win will receive 2 bonus points and each runner-up will receive 1 bonus point. Best burn out at each event will also receive 1 bonus point.

AMENDMENTS:  After each season, a competition committee will review and revise the guidelines as deemed necessary to comply with the overall mission.  Current guidelines will be published online at

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